A downloadable game for Windows

Create your own furry character and defend the land of Fur-Gardia in this retro platformer game. Run and jump through different environments to collect gems and defeat monsters from the Realm of Chaos.

This game is completely free. It is also open-source:

* 16-bit style pixel artwork
* Choose what kind of animal you want to be
* Choose your fur color
* Upgrade your character with gems you've collected

If you experience any issues, please report them to pandcorps@gmail.com with as much detail as possible, and I'll do whatever I can to fix it.

By Andrew M. Martin

Install instructions

This zip file contains the game itself, not an installer.

Unzip the file, and it will create a FurGuardians directory.

Run FurGuardians.bat to play.


FurGuardiansWin.zip 20 MB

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